The salt flats of Marsala on the island of Sicily

Discover the most beautiful sunset of Sicily in the salt pans of Stagnone in Marsala.

It is said that from the salt pans in the lagoon of Marsala and along the salt road, you can see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Mediterranean, so beautiful that it seems to have been made by the skillful hand of a painter. For this reason we have a guide to visit the “Saline della Laguna” in the west of the Mediterranean island of Sicily created.

White dunes, water surfaces and mills characterize this beautiful corner of Sicily, which is a must-see. On the route from Trapani to Marsala, the Stagnone salt flats are a spectacle for the eyes: a palette of colors that varies according to the position of the sun.

Sunset at windmill in salt evaporation pond in Marsala, Sicily island, Italy
Sunset at the windmill in the salt evaporation pond in Marsala, Sicily island, Italy. (Photo ©

The salt pans Stagnone in the salt flats of Marsala

The salt pans of Marsala are located within the nature reserve of the Stagnone Islands, which extends in the stretch of sea between Cape San Teodoro and Cape Boeo or Lilibeo and includes four islands: Mozia, Isola Grande, Schola and Santa Maria. The reserve also includes the lagoon of Stagnone, which over the centuries has become a suitable environment for the production and cultivation of salt.

The lagoon of Stagnone is the widest of Sicily, formed by the action of the underwater currents and the movements of the sand. This is how the Isola Grande was born, enclosing a part of the sea, provoking the damming of the water: the perfect environment for the processing of the water.

Since 1984 the lagoon has been a nature reserve. To visit the Saline Park, you can choose between the eastern side, where you will find the mill and the Ettore and Infersa saltworks, or the western side, which is located on Isola Lunga.

Do not miss the visit to the windmill, a marvel of industrial archaeology, where it has been set up multimedia installations to explain. After the visit, you can go to the salt pans, among the sand dunes and ponds by taking a guided tour; from June you can admire the crystallization of the salt and until September you can also participate in the harvest. Hike to Isola Lunga, a natural paradise, and admire one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Salt fields in the salt flats of Marsala and Trapani, Sicily, Italy
Salt fields in the salt flats of Marsala and Trapani, Sicily, Italy
Salt fields in the Marsala and Trapani, salt flats of Marsala, Sicily, Italy. (Photos ©

Saline di Marsala

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