Top Restaurants in Sicily

The best Michelin star restaurants and gourmet restaurants for the perfect vacation in Sicily!


The gastronomic quality award stars of the Michelin Guide has been awarded to special restaurants since 1926. The list in the “Guide Michelin”, a hotel and travel guide that is published in different countries every year, awards a maximum of 3 Michelin stars.

The award criteria are described as follows:

      • 1 Star – A very fine cuisine worthy of the reader’s attention.
      • 2 stars – Excellent cuisine, deserves a detour.
      • 3 stars – One of the best kitchens, worth the trip.

23 Michelin stars for 20 gourmet restaurants in Sicily awarded by the Michelin Gourmet Guide 2023.


2 Michelin star gourmet restaurants in Sicily:

  • Licata, La Madia
  • Ragusa, Duomo
  • Taormina, St. George by Heinz Beck


1 Michelin star gourmet restaurants in Sicily:


      • Bagheria, I Pupi
      • Bagheria, Līmū
      • Caltagirone, Coria
      • Catania, Sapio
      • Linguaglossa, Shalai
      • Modica, Accursio
      • Palermo, Gagini Restaurant
      • Palermo, Mec Restaurant
      • Ragusa, Locanda Don Serafino
      • Riposto, Zash
      • Salina (Isola), Signum
      • Taormina, La Capinera
      • Taormina, Otto Geleng
      • Taormina, Principe Cerami
      • Terrasini, Il Bavaglino
      • Vulcano (Isola), I Tenerumi
      • Vulcano (Isola), Il Cappero


La Madia

St. George by Heinz Beck

La Capinera

Otto Geleng

Principe Cerami



Me Cumpari Turiddu


Locanda Don Serafino



I Pupi



Il Bavaglino

Il Cappero

I Tenerumi

Gagini Restaurant

Mec restaurant