Gourmet restaurants in South Tyrol

Gourmet restaurants in South Tyrol

GourmetRestaurants in South Tyrol

The Michelin star restaurants in South Tyrol for the perfect golf holiday in the land of the Dolomites!


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The gastronomic quality award stars of the Michelin Guide has been awarded to special restaurants since 1926. The list in the “Guide Michelin”, a hotel and travel guide that is published in different countries every year, awards a maximum of 3 Michelin stars.

The award criteria are described as follows:

      • 1 Star – A very fine cuisine worthy of the reader’s attention.
      • 2 stars – Excellent cuisine, deserves a detour.
      • 3 stars – One of the best kitchens, worth the trip.

The 2022 Michelin Gourmet Guide awarded 25 Michelin stars to 20 gourmet restaurants in South Tyrol. South Tyrol is thus in the fantastic third place in the ranking of Italian regions: only the metropolitan regions of Naples and Rome have even more gourmet restaurants awarded Michelin stars.

There are currently 16 gourmet restaurants in South Tyrol that have been awarded a Michelin star: Newcomers are the Restaurant 1908 in Oberbozen am Renon with chef Stephan Zippl and the Osteria Acquarol by Alessandro Bellingeri in St. Michael in the municipality of Eppan.

A total of 3 gourmet restaurants in South Tyrol were awarded two stars: The Castel Fine Dining in Dorf Tirol with star chef Gerhard Wieser and Heinrich Schneider from the gourmet restaurant Terra (Auener Hof) above Sarnthein in the beautiful Sarntal valley and the Gourmetstube Einhorn in Mauls with top chef Peter Girtler.

The exceptional talent and star chef Norbert Niederkofler from the Restaurant St. Hubertus (Hotel Rosa Alpina) in San Cassiano can look forward to three stars for the fifth time.

3 Michelin-star gourmet restaurants in South Tyrol:

      • St. Hubertus (Hotel Rosa Alpina) in San Cassiano, Norbert Niederkofler

2 Michelin-star gourmet restaurants in South Tyrol:

      • Castel fine dining (Hotel Castel) in Dorf Tirol, Gerhard Wieser
      • Terra (Auener Hof) in the Sarntal, Heinrich Schneider
      • Gourmet parlor Einhorn (Romantic Hotel Stafler) in Mauls, Freienfeld, Peter Girtler

1 Michelin star gourmet restaurants in South Tyrol:

      • Anna Stuben (Hotel Grödnerhof) in Ortisei, head chef Reimund Brunner
      • Johannesstube (Hotel Engel) in Welschnofen, Theodor Falser
      • Kuppelrain in Kastelbell, Jörg Trafoier
      • Schöneck in Falzes, Karl Baumgartner
      • Sissi in Meran, Andrea Fenoglio
      • Zur Rose in Eppan, Daniel Hintner
      • Zum Löwen in Tisens, Anna Matscher
      • Tilia in Dobbiaco, Chris Oberhammer
      • Alpenroyal Gourmet (Grand Hotel Alpenroyal) in Selva, Mario Porcelli
      • In Viaggio in Bolzano, Claudio Melis
      • Astra in Steinegg, Gregor Eschgfaller
      • Apostelstube (Hotel Elefant) in Brixen, Mathias Bachmann
      • Jasmine in Chiusa, Martin Obermarzoner
      • Prezioso (Hotel Castel Fragsburg) in Meran, Egon Heiss
      • Osteria Acquarol in St. Michael, Eppan, Alessandro Bellingeri
      • Restaurant 1908 (Parkhotel Holzner), Stephan Zippl


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